A few of the pillars I stand on with CrestLight

I love to write.  It is a calling that beckons me throughout the day, into the night and everywhere I go.

I deeply desire to encourage others right where they are through positive, Biblical values that are motivating especially in people’s darkest days.  All of my films centralized around a Protagonist’s journey of perseverance, overcoming difficulty while gaining a new perspective along the way.

I focus on storytelling, not preaching.  I focus on journeys lived out not on propaganda messaging.  I am inspired by real life events whether my own or other’s that will help inspire people to keep going wherever they might be.  I am determined about getting these messages out.

Thus, I write my own scripts; scripts that I can passionately propel forward, humbly to offer a story that will resonate with you.

I’m also happy to announce that I recently became an optioned screenwriter!  The film was shot this summer and looks fantastic.  Super exciting!

Here is a breakdown of my writings:

  • 250 Devotionals for Lifeway’s Online Bible Study Website (Devotionals even from Leviticus!)
  • 250 Promotions for the FamilyNet Cable Channel
  • 6 Feature Films (4 other ideas in development)
  • 5 Shorts
  • 2 Musicals
  • 1 Cross Over Musical – Short Film
  • 1 Documentary
  • 1 Book (2 additional ideas in development)
  • Multiple Blogs

My Directing and Producing Credits:

  • 250 Promotions for the FamilyNet Cable Channel
  • 3 Shorts
  • 2 Musicals
  • 1 Cross Over Musical – Short Film
  • Many Church Productions / Special Services including musical concerts like Avalon

Assistant Directing Credits:

  • 4 Features
  • 12 Shorts
  • Numerous Commercials / Industrials for Fortune 500 Companies. (AD / UPM)


Other Components to Directing

I am a trifecta.  Actually, more like a fivefecta if we’re actually counting.  I’ve served in roles on all sides of the camera: behind, in front and through the lens as I’m also a photographer.  I believe that one avenue impacts another avenue and as a writer-director-actress-photographer, I aim to bring a multi-dimensional style to all of my work.

Being an actress impacts my writing, impacts my directing.

Photographing film and stills allows me to always look for a fresh angle of composition as well as to write visual descriptions in my scripts.

Conversely, writing from a photographers POV pushes the Director in me to establish locations like characters and to seek a perspective unearthed versus the norm.

My experiences as a Producer add the fifth dimension.  My writing is cost conscious, suited for budgets, props, etc.

I didn’t mention that I’m an editor too— another level of consideration in writing and directing.  Well, I guess that is really six sides.  But who is counting, really?

In addition, it is important to me to have a certain level of rapport with each actor, crew member, post production worker and to be able to speak their language.  Having my background enables me to engage talent from all sides of the camera.

However, in my early days as a filmmaker, people would tell me “you really should focus on one thing and stick with that.”  As much as I wanted to, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to serve in different facets.

Having multi-dimensions has made me a better filmmaker.  

And from a business standpoint, it has provided multiple streams of income which are necessary for survival in this industry.   Not to mention…. how many veterans of the industry are also varied in their talents and skills?  It is the way of solidarity.

Be Loyal

I’m in this industry for the long haul.  I believe in operating by industry standards and part of which means going the distance.  One of the shorts I worked on started five years ago (with my husband, how awesome(:  ) .  After several drafts, we were approached to write the feature.  We wrote the original feature in three weeks, then worked with the Director/Producer on several revisions.  Just recently, we optioned it to them to be what it is today.    Each person had a specific and unique role in the overall making of the film… for the film wouldn’t be where it is today without everyone one of us.  And because of the loyalty and perseverance with each member, the film will fly to where it is meant to be.

Put Your Time In

I have worked as a freelance filmmaker for six years now and will celebrate my tenth year in photography next year.  As hard as this industry can be, I am determined to achieve my goals and to put my time into bringing these creative endeavors to life.

Excited to Announce…

Thus summer, we optioned the feature screenplay Nouvelle Vie!!  Hurray!

It has been five years in the making and we are thrilled to how the footage has come out. Everything from the casting to the props to the location, the cinematography, everything was spot on and we are elated that it came to fruition… Congrats to all involved!

Nouvelle Vie is a special film that helps encourage those struggling with loss of a loved one due to cancer.  The title is French for “new life”, which is symbolic to how the characters find hope to carry on in spite of their circumstances.

At it’s heart, Nouvelle Vie is a love story; about the love of a sweetheart from youth to the love of finding new life where you least expect it.

And that’s just how the original idea was presented to us.. where we least expected it.  In fact, the Director didn’t even know that my husband and I were dating when he sat us down to share his original idea.  While my husband (boyfriend, at the time) and I wrote the short, I remember thinking:  “What would I want to say to my husband if we were in this situation?  What would I want to share… what would I want him to have if I were to have cancer?”  Two years later, when writing the original feature and then while working with others on the revisions, my husband and I had just been married a short time.  These questions beated even more fiercely against my soul beckoning me to flesh out what I’d hope for him.

I’d also imagine my new husband and myself meeting at a young age… what would we do?  What chemistry would we have?  Would I slam the ice cream into his face?  YUP. How would we talk to each other?  How would things change over the years…. It was a perfect time that the Lord provided for us to write Nouvelle Vie because it was not only the time of falling in love with my husband and marriage, but it was also the forecast of what would our future hold and all of the questions therein.

All of these ideas helped flesh out the short, the feature and the title.  In fact, a fun piece of trivia about the title’s origin goes back to a story about me and my Dad.

My Dad is fluent in French and has always wanted me to take French, but I refused.  Thus, I took Spanish for 8 years (and still can’t speak it).  A semester in Japanese didn’t work too well either.  As it turns out my sister was the one who ended up being fluent in French.

But, how things come full circle… When I was trying to find a title to present to the Director, I went to the French language and used Google’s online translator.  Words like “refreshment”, “restore”, “new life”, “heaven”, kept rising to the surface.  When Nouvelle Vie appeared I had to ask my sister how to pronounce it.  Funny moments.  So, Dad… the title and parts of the Parisian theme are an homage to you.  Nouvelle Vie…

While there are more fun facts in how Nouvelle Vie came to be, the most important ones are the core of the project.  All of us involved with the project truly believe that it was born out of a love to help others, created to demonstrate a committed love and how God’s love never fails.

And if you are familiar with Scripture, the tag line “Love. Never. Fails.” is from 1 Corinthians 13.  When I wrote the tagline, I adapted these words from Scripture feeling that it was essential to have them apart of the title, because when a new life is upon us, no matter if it is expected or unexpected, it is God’s love that will carry us through.  It is His love that never fails.

God’s love is constantly with us and as believers, we are instructed to carry that out towards others.  A huge undercurrent of this film is not only being committed to each other, but realizing that no matter what we go through, that it is God’s love that never fails. It is His love that will carry us through– and through anything!

If you are someone who believes that God is “the clockmaker” who just creates us then says “peace-out” for the rest of our lives, you might want to check out Psalm 145.  This Old Testament poem beautifully and deliberately writes otherwise.  Romans 8:38-39 is another solid reference that God is with us no matter what we see in our midst, or experience first hand.

I have experienced plenty of my own trials, hurts and devastations and it was the power and presence of God that carried me through.  The same is true for you.

If you have any questions about the God’s love, feel free to drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you.  Just head over to the contact section and fill out the fields.

Until then, may you too experience the Nouvelle Vie that God has for us all.  He sent His Son so that all of us may have a hope of living in eternity with Him.  John 3:16.

May you come to know this hope and to have it all of you days.  Hopefully, you’ll also get out to see the film.  Its projected release is in Sept 2016, but until then, check it out online!!

May you be and your loved ones be blessed always!

2012, What a Year! 2013, Here we go!

2012 was a great year for Raw Hope Productions.  It was amazing to work on two features, two shorts, several commercial web videos and industrials in addition to traveling to Africa and Chicago for two documentaries and writing the full feature length script for Nouvelle Vie.  The new website was launched and the return of the Whaddya Think? Bible study for filmmakers was restarted.  Candice Irion of RHP, was one of the interviewers for the Dallas International Film Festival and enjoyed interviewing with amazing film industry professionals.

Candice also was nominated for “Best Actress in an Action Short” for her role in “Delivered” by the International Action on Film Festival in CA.  In June, she served as one of the Producers for “Killin Time”, which was awarded “Best Picture” at Dallas’s 48 Hour Film Festival.  Recently, Candice was named as one of IMDB’s “25 Beautiful Texas Actresses on the Rise”.

Check out the list below for the projects Raw Hope Productions participated in during 2012.

  • Feature: “Hiding in Plain Sight“, First Assistant Director
  • Feature: “Infiltrators”, Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Short: “Static: Behind the Scenes“, Director, Editor
  • Short: “Hiding in Plain Sight”, First Assistant Director
  • Short: “Nouvelle Vie“, Writer, Producer
  • Short: “Killin’ Time“, First Assistant Director, Producer
  • Documentary: “Anastancia” Editor, Producer
  • Documentary: “Nouvelle Vie, the Documentary: Eric’s Hope“, Producer
  • Documentary: “Nouvelle, Vie, the Documentary: Lana’s Hope”, Editor, Producer
  • Promotional: “Five Star Stewardship“, Director, Producer
  • Promotional: “Legacy Giving Ministry“, Writer, Director, Producer
  • Industrial: “Nokia: JobHub”, Director, Producer
  • Industrial: “Chase Paymentech: Future Proof Terminal“, Production Coordinator
  • Industrial: “Chase Paymentech: How To Videos, Series 1”, Production Coordinator,
  • Industrial: “Chase Paymentech: How To Videos, Series 2”, Production Coordinator
  • Industrial: “vPromos: vPunch Rewards,” Producer
  • Industrial: “Chuck-E-Cheese Music Videos”, First AD, Production Coordinator
  • Photographer: “Candice Irion Photography” Wedding, Family Portraits, Personality/Lifestyle Portraits
  • Interview: “Dallas International Film Festival Interviews…”  Glen Keane, Laura Linney, Bernie Pollack, Gabourey Sidibe, Amanda Young, Xan Aranda and more!
  • Actress: Music Video: “Unborn Grace“, Lead
  • Actress: Short: “Killin’ Time“, Reporter
  • Actress: Commercial: “The Texas Lottery”, Featured
  • Actress: Commercial: “Nike: Rise Above”, Sports Photographer
  • Actress: Industrial: “OMNI Hotels: Welcome Video”, Featured
  • Actress: Feature: “Infiltrators”, Mom/MOS
Wow! What a year.  I am truly thankful for all of God’s blessings and opportunities this past year.  So what’s ahead for 2013?
On the horizon, the current projects are:
  • Completion of Feature Length Script: Nouvelle Vie
  • Completion of Third Feature Length Script
  • Documentaries: “Thembie”, “Volunteer Experience”, “Tawana”, “Lana’s Hope”
  • Industrials, Interviews, Photography and More!
Thank you for your support and encouragement!  Raw Hope Productions would not be where it is without you and our great God!
All the best to you in 2013!
Take care and God speed,
Candice Irion and Raw Hope Productions



Raw Hope Productions is excited to have you visit the blog.  Raw Hope’s mission is to reach others with stories that relate to others in real and raw ways.  Often, we find our hope in the most rawest of times. Then it is that very hope that helps us push through our circumstances and strengthens us as we find a new day.

In addition to filming stories of encouragement,  Raw Hope also produces projects in the corporate sector and offers a wide list of services in photography, graphic design and writing.  Please check out the “Services” page for the full list.

Once more, thank you for reading the blog!  Please contact us soon! We’d love to work with you!

All the best and God Bless!


Raw Hope Productions